Learning begins at birth, and close, loving interactions are critical to ensure a healthy, happy baby.  Our infants thrive in a respectful environment that caters to their individual needs.

Each infant has a primary caregiver to meet individual needs and schedules.  We  recognize parents as a child's first teacher.  Parents and teachers communicate daily and work  together to follow important feeding and sleeping routines.  

Our teachers are experienced, with careful training in child growth and development.  They are skilled observers, who record each child's discoveries and mastery of developmental milestones.  

As children gain new skills and participate more in daily routines, they develop  a sense of their own competence.  Infant curriculum includes every interaction everyday!  Our staff  implement the Creative Curriculum to provide appropriate materials and stimulating experiences that engage young children to manipulate toys, imitate and pretend.  Children master rolling over, sitting and crawling by enjoying lots of tummy time on the floor.  A love of reading begins at birth, and staff provide books and read daily to young children.  CCDC recognizes that while planning for these learning experiences is important, it is responding quickly to the child's interests and needs that come first.