CCDC Meets ExceleRate Gold Circle of Quality

Children’s Care & Development Center has met the eligibility requirements for the ExceleRate Illinois Gold Circle of Quality. Achieving this designation demonstrates CCDC’s commitment to providing quality care to children. ExceleRate Illinois is a statewide quality recognition and improvement system designated to make continuous quality improvement an everyday priority among early learning providers.


Sharing is Caring!

Caring for others and being grateful are important values to model and teach young children. As we prepared to celebrate Thanksgiving, we invited each class to bring in boxes of oatmeal, mac and cheese, cans of fruits, vegetables, or soup to share with those in need in our community.

Our preschoolers teamed up with the Kindergarteners to tally and sort the donations for families in need. The children enjoyed graphing the cans and packing the boxes. The generosity of our families provided over 500 donations for the Niles Township Food Pantry! Thank you for caring and sharing!


Celebrating a Community Tradition: Annual Lincolnwood Turkey Trot

CCDC is proud to be a community partner! The Annual Lincolnwood Turkey Trot is a special tradition that brings families from Lincolnwood and neighboring suburbs to participate in the 5K/10K race each November. Bearing the cold temperatures, Melissa DeLosSantos, Jane Froman and Susan Fahey enjoyed greeting CCDC friends and families, old and new, under the tent after each event. After the timed events, our youngest runners participated in the Drumstick Dash. We were delighted to see our preschoolers and young alumni among the runners racing to the finish line beaming! Happy Thanksgiving!


Thank you, Miss Jennifer!

Our own Miss Jennifer was recently invited to be part of Chicago Public Schools Restorative Justice Team, a program that builds community and changes practice using positive guidance and "Circles".  As a new Circle-Keeper,  Jennifer will be traveling between two schools for ten weeks as a coach to facilitate the project. 

"I'm honored to be part of this important work.  I will miss everything about my years here at CCDC - the staff, the parents and the children.  I am hoping to visit CCDC on the days I am not scheduled for work at CPS."   After ten years at CCDC, you have taught us well and we will miss YOU tremendously, Miss Jennifer.  We wish you all the best and hope you will be back soon to visit!