Thank you, Miss Jennifer!


Our own Miss Jennifer was recently invited to be part of Chicago Public Schools Restorative Justice Team, a program that builds community and changes practice using positive guidance and "Circles".  As a new Circle-Keeper,  Jennifer will be traveling between two schools for ten weeks as a coach to facilitate the project. 

"I'm honored to be part of this important work.  I will miss everything about my years here at CCDC - the staff, the parents and the children.  I am hoping to visit CCDC on the days I am not scheduled for work at CPS."   After ten years at CCDC, you have taught us well and we will miss YOU tremendously, Miss Jennifer.  We wish you all the best and hope you will be back soon to visit!

There's a BIG RED dog in school! Welcome Clifford!


It was an exciting moment when a big, friendly, red dog peeked into each of classrooms for a visit.  Clifford was soon recognized by the children, and many cautiously approached to give a hug and pet his soft, fluffy fur!  Many of the children received a copy of his classic storybook, too!

Preschool children have enjoyed the stories of Clifford for over 50 years!   Clifford the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell shares the adventures of a playful, red labrador.  Born the runt of a litter of puppies, Clifford grew over 25 feet tall because of the love a little girl named Emily, who chose him as her friend. 



Together as One Community - HURRICANE RELIEF EFFORTS

CCDC is supporting the village-wide hurricane relief effort organized by Lincolnwood School District 74, the Village of Lincolnwood and the Lincolnwood Public Library beginning on Monday, September 11th through Thursday, September 14th.  The goal is to raise $74,000 in 74 hours.  

All donations will be given directly to the American Red Cross on behalf on the Lincolnwood community.  Click the link below to donate.  Thank you!

Harvey Flyer.jpg




Our Community Partner Oakton College

CCDC was proud to be showcased at the Early Childhood Career Fair at Oakton Community College on April 12, 2017.  As a community partner for twenty five years, CCDC and Oakton assist students seeking a degree or certificate in early childhood education complete hundreds of clinical hours.  The Career Fair brought representatives from Northeastern Illinois University, National Louis University, Kendall College, DePaul University and other diverse early childhood programs together to advocate for excellence in preparing early childhood teachers for the classroom.  OCC Professor, Cheryl Joseph welcomed Director, Susan Fahey to the Career Fair.

2017 CCDC Family Survey

As part of our self-assessment for NAEYC accreditation, CCDC is conducting a FAMILY SURVEY April 10-11, 2017.  Family perspectives are essential to the NAEYC accreditation process and our service to children and families. To achieve and maintain accreditation, families are asked to respond confidentially and anonymously to the survey.  Our goal is 100% participation!  CCDC will compile the results and report them to NAEYC prior to their visit to our program.

Big Ideas of Early Math Teacher Inservice Training

CCDC is piloting Erikson Institute's Big Ideas of Early Math, implementing what teachers of young children need to know to provide quality math education to preschoolers.  At our March Inservice, teachers sorted, grouped and counted their way to  better understand the math experiences of their students.  More than rote counting, recognizing sets and attributes are hands-on experiences and vocabulary that form a strong foundation and love of math.

CCDC was delighted to have Lisa Ginet from the Early Math Collaborative at Erikson Institute observe our inservice, and reinforce best practices in the classroom.  Professor Ginet's visit to CCDC is part of Erikson's commitment to train facilitators.  Susan Fahey, Director, and Melissa Delossantos, Curriculum Coordinator, attended the week long Early Math Institute (MEME) last summer, which was attended by hundreds of early childhood professionals from the USA and abroad.  We're excited at CCDC to incorporate the Big Ideas of Early Math in our curriculum.


Hearts for Haiti ❤️

Wow!  We feel proud of the CCDC families that brought in supplies for the people in Haiti. The children were overheard saying that we were “making bags for the poor children after the earthquake shook their house”.  Helping and showing empathy towards others is one of the lessons that we want children to learn and practice.

Thanks to all our families for participating in our center wide project!  Our school nurse, Sue Walsh, was overwhelmed with your generosity.  Our “Health Care Packs” will be  distributed this month to the children of Haiti. 

Each classroom was asked to collect either cloth diapers or sulfur soap.  After the collection was over, the children in the Pre-K classrooms helped sort, count and with the help of their afterschool friends, tallied the diapers and soap.   The children were surprised about the number of soaps that were collected and stacked them like tall towers after we counted them.  We collected 103 bars of sulfur soap. 

Some of the children were confused by the look of the cloth diapers because they are a little different than Pampers.  The children worked hard to make diaper packages by folding them in thirds and rolling them around the plastic pants.  Each package was held by two safety pins, which was completed by a teacher and ready for a plastic bag.   We collected 89 packages of cloth diapers. 



A Visit with the Dentist

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Silvers and his assistant, Jackie, from the Cosmetic & Implant Dental Center in Lincolnwood visited our preschoolers to demonstrate proper teeth brushing and good oral health habits.  Their animated alligator puppet show delighted the children and the goodie bags afterwards were a bit hit, too.  We appreciate Dr. Silvers sharing the work of the dentist during our study of Community Helpers. 


NWHS Ask an Expert Day

Niles West High School hosted Ask the Expert Day providing students with the opportunity to discuss careers with employees working in a variety of fields.  CCDC Director, Susan Fahey, was invited to share information on Gateway Scholarships and career opportunities in early childhood education.  Many of the seniors have visited CCDC with their teacher, Mrs. Kline, earlier this school year and have completed the ECE Level 1 credential.  CCDC is proud to participate in the Annual Ask an Expert Day and appreciates our community partnership with our area high schools. 


CCDC Celebrates the Lincolnwood Turkey Trot 2016


It was a cold, brisk Sunday morning when Lincolnwood's 40th Turkey Trot kicked off the holiday season with hundreds of runners racing the clock!  CCDC's own made an excellent show, with a strong contingent of brave preschoolers pounding the pavement for the Drumstick Dash.  Kudos to all the runners young and old!  CCDC is proud to be a sponsor in this fun annual event in our wonderful community!  

Family Sing Night! Everybody, Clap Your Hands! Come Along and Dance with Me!

Music and movement go together!  Our headliners, Miss Carole and her talented partner, Clarence, had everybody up singing and dancing at our Annual Family Sing Night.  It was a live concert experience for our preschoolers who recognized all their favorite tunes from Miss Carole's Macaroni Soup CD's from class each day.  Thanks for sharing the fun, it was our biggest turnout ever!  

Check out Miss Carole's website for song lyrics, calendar events and CD's at


Duck for President! Our Preschoolers are Proud to Vote!

Election Day was a fun opportunity to introduce some new vocabulary, and our preschoolers were excited to cast their ballots and vote for their candidate.  Before voting,  we read the award winning children's book, Duck for President by Betsy Lewin to each class. Afterwards, the preschoolers cheered as the election results were tallied between the Duck and the Farmer.  You can check the results of the election on the graphs in the hallway!

CCDC Cheers the Chicago CUBS Winning 2016 World Series!

Our preschoolers picked up on the fever-pitch enthusiasm for baseball during the Cubs exciting playoff games.  Once the Cubs broke the 108 year wait for a championship, everyone was happy to acknowledge their tremendous talent and perseverance. While children donned their favorite sport and team fan gear, we celebrated with a simple, spontaneous parade in our hallway the morning after the historic win.  Go Cubs, go!

Math, More Than 1, 2, 3

2016 Erikson Early Math Summer Institute

2016 Erikson Early Math Summer Institute

Melissa DeLosSantos and Susan Fahey attended a week long early math institute at Erikson Institute in Chicago, which focused on hands-on experiences to strengthen young children's understanding of foundational math.  The training was attended by over 104 early childhood educators from 13 states in the United States, England and China.  

Boxes & Bicycles

When three large boxes appeared on the playground, our young preschoolers were encouraged to guess what was inside.                     "A dinosaur," guessed one.  "A television!," exclaimed another.  They were delighted to discover three shiny new tricycles!         Once unpacked, the children enjoyed peddling their new wheels.  Equally surprising was the fun the children had using their imaginations playing with the empty boxes!

CCDC Alumni Return to Give Back

CCDC was delighted to welcome many of our alumni back this month, who came to "give back".  As a community partner, CCDC was grateful for the community service hours the District 74 students volunteered.  The students assisted with artwork projects, planting seedlings, and leading games on the playground.  Our young preschoolers learned first hand from their positive example, that as we help each other we enrich ourselves, too!  Thank you for your service!

CCDC Staff Present at Leadership Connections National Conference 2016

Susan Fahey, Melissa DeLosSantos and Shabnam Kanji-Hooda co-presented with internationally acclaimed children's author, Stuart J. Murphy at the 2016 Leadership Connections National Conference, attended by over 600 early childhood professionals.  The focus of their two hour presentation was how to provide models of the social and emotional skills we want children to demonstrate.  The presenters shared the use of illustrated stories as an effective strategy for reaching these goals at home and school.  

FREE Speech and Occupational Therapy Screening! Thursday, April 21, 9-11 am

To register, please click link below:

North Shore Pediatric Therapy has teamed up with Children's Care & Development Center to offer FREE Speech & Occupational Therapy screenings on Thursday, April 21 from 9 am - 11 am right at our center.

If you have had concerns, or wondered about your child's development, this is your chance to speak with highly skilled therapists to discuss your concerns and develop an action plan.

North Shore Pediatric Therapy 2.png

CCDC Celebrates Dr. Seuss!

It was one crazy week celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday this March!  The legacy of famed children's author, Theodor Seuss Geisel, lives on in his wonderful, whimsical books of rhyme and fantasy.  Our preschoolers enjoyed donning fun hats, and mix-matched socks, while reciting many of their favorite Dr. Seuss stories by heart.  Our own, Sean Buckley, delighted all the classrooms with a visit from the cool, tall cat!

Celebrating Our Diversity

Our Creative Dramatist, Jennifer Viets introduced our preschoolers to the famous composition of Igor Stravinsky ’s The Firebird Suite, whose origin is based on old Russian fairy-tale.  When she asked the children, “what is ballet?” most were not sure. A few of them said the word dance. And a few more automatically put their arms up over their heads or spun around.

“We began by mirroring – I brushed up on my basic ballet steps – plie, releve, arabesque, leap, pirouette. When someone would call out, inevitably, that boys did not dance ballet, I was prepared with images I have collected of very strong men and boys dancing ballet and we all tried to copy the moves. I also shared photos of different women including my friend Alana Wallace who is in a wheelchair dancing ballet.  I know that 3, 4 and 5 year old children already have entrenched bias and I came prepared to share images that would contradict that bias.  And then we free danced to The Firebird Suite.  Next, I read Ms. Copeland’s book to them while continuing to play the music. They especially loved the pictures of her in costume as the Firebird.  

When I leave a class and do not return for a week I can only hope a part of my lessons will be remembered. Will the teacher extend what I’ve done and share videos of the Firebird ballet?  Will they challenge each other in the dress up corner to wear whatever clothing they want rather than conforming to old gender norms? Will they go home and ask for more, more, more? Will they repeat our classroom mantra “we’re all different but the same” under their breath when they see someone moving through life in a wheelchair ? When next asked “who can dance ballet?” will their imaginations take them to a beautiful brown-skinned woman who had to convince an entire nation that she could.  

This is anti-bias work. This is the work of a multi-disciplinary teaching artist. This is important work. I’m grateful it is my work."     - Jennifer Viets