Hearts for Haiti ❤️

Wow!  We feel proud of the CCDC families that brought in supplies for the people in Haiti. The children were overheard saying that we were “making bags for the poor children after the earthquake shook their house”.  Helping and showing empathy towards others is one of the lessons that we want children to learn and practice.

Thanks to all our families for participating in our center wide project!  Our school nurse, Sue Walsh, was overwhelmed with your generosity.  Our “Health Care Packs” will be  distributed this month to the children of Haiti. 

Each classroom was asked to collect either cloth diapers or sulfur soap.  After the collection was over, the children in the Pre-K classrooms helped sort, count and with the help of their afterschool friends, tallied the diapers and soap.   The children were surprised about the number of soaps that were collected and stacked them like tall towers after we counted them.  We collected 103 bars of sulfur soap. 

Some of the children were confused by the look of the cloth diapers because they are a little different than Pampers.  The children worked hard to make diaper packages by folding them in thirds and rolling them around the plastic pants.  Each package was held by two safety pins, which was completed by a teacher and ready for a plastic bag.   We collected 89 packages of cloth diapers.