Big Ideas of Early Math Teacher Inservice Training

CCDC is piloting Erikson Institute's Big Ideas of Early Math, implementing what teachers of young children need to know to provide quality math education to preschoolers.  At our March Inservice, teachers sorted, grouped and counted their way to  better understand the math experiences of their students.  More than rote counting, recognizing sets and attributes are hands-on experiences and vocabulary that form a strong foundation and love of math.

CCDC was delighted to have Lisa Ginet from the Early Math Collaborative at Erikson Institute observe our inservice, and reinforce best practices in the classroom.  Professor Ginet's visit to CCDC is part of Erikson's commitment to train facilitators.  Susan Fahey, Director, and Melissa Delossantos, Curriculum Coordinator, attended the week long Early Math Institute (MEME) last summer, which was attended by hundreds of early childhood professionals from the USA and abroad.  We're excited at CCDC to incorporate the Big Ideas of Early Math in our curriculum.